Cleaning the Corral

There are some things on the farm that never seem to get done, but really need to be completed. One is putting up the tools in the shop. Another is cleaning barn stalls and corrals. The corral at our Rocky Branch Grass Ranch has not been cleaned in years and it finally got to the point that I could hardly walk across it in rainy weather. So Sunday morning was a day set aside to get it done. I had already moved a tractor that was four wheel drive out there and we had a week without rain, there was nothing to stop me. I thought it would take an hour. Well, three hours later I was still finishing the job.

Pasted Graphic 8
When I was finished I had a pile of waste hay and manure that would fill at least two dump trucks. It will compost and be great in the garden in a few years.

As for the corral, it looks great.
Pasted Graphic 7