Ranching Challenges

A rancher’s life is never easy and some days it is worse than others.

This cow lived. She was in pasture last week when we had a strong storm. Some way she managed to hit the barb wire fence or some sheet metal on the barn and sliced open the top of her head. The storm came at dusk. Not long after i kept hearing all the cows moo loudly so went to investigate. In the light of the torch I carried I saw blood squirting 4-5 inches out of the top of the cows head. Alone and in the dark I managed to eventually get her into a corral and a chute so i could see what had happened. By that time a lot of blood had escaped.

It was obvious that I could not do much myself, so I took some clean cloth and stopped the bleeding by using finger pressure and with my clean hand called the vet. He is a wonderful fellow and come right out to the farm making a night call. We washed off the cut\,he pulled out the vessel that was causing all the bleeding and stapled the skin back on the 5 inch open cut. She got some antibiotics and a Tetnus shot.

The trauma of all this caused her to go into labor the next day. We lost the calf. It had one foot around the umbilical cord and twisted it and tore it off, thus it died in the womb. The calf had to be pulled out, again a vet call but this time at his office.