Water System for the Rocky Branch Grass Ranch

In November, we finally had the time and resources to install a water distribution system at our Rocky Branch Grass Ranch. List has been on our list of major projects for several years. Over 6,000 feet of water pipe will distribute well water to all areas of this ranch allowing us to use small paddock grazing separating larger pastures with electric fence. This will better utilize our forage resources and the cattle will always have fresh grass and water available.

We started to trench on a Monday morning and finished seven days later. The system was tested and pipe covered. This winter we had a lot of ground settling and a few washouts, so we will recover the trenches as soon as it is practicable.

We started at the well. this p;ump delivers 50+ gallons/minute at 60 psi

A trencher was the only machine we used
except a track hole for the creek crossing.
All else was hand labor by five of us.
75 percent of the project is 2 inch PVC pipe.

Sidney came out to check out the trench
in the background.

Max was here for the weekend and got
a taste of had work.

The trench was not always dead on straight,
but it worked. Pile is laid 18-24 inches deep.
This is 1-1/2 inch pipe.

We ran into a rock bed where we had to cross
Rocky Branch creek. bolder the size of a 4x4
had to be dug out with a track hole.

Crossing the creek was a major effort. It was muddy,
spring water flows and boulders to dig out.The track hole saved us here.

Javier welded 4 inch steel pipes together
so we could cross the creek. the water line
was insulated and placed inside the pipe.

After we had the line in the trench, we covered
it with dirt.