Farm to Fork Cooking Classes 2012

Chef Eva has a great line up of Farm to Fork Cooking Classes for 2012. There is something for every taste. These are taught in our 1850’s farm house and are all as hands-on as you wish. Great food does not have to be difficult to prepare and these classes are for every level of culinary expertise.

February 11, 2012
Love Around the World

Valentine's Day is that one-day a year that everyone focuses on relationships. You do not have to go out to eat to have a special meal. This class brings together recipes often used in wedding dinners or associated with romance.
Take this class with someone special or fly solo and use these recipes to spice up your life for someone special. Travel to the farm and experience romantic recipes around the world.

Shrimp piri piri lettuce wraps
Pink grapefruit avocado and pomegranate salad
African jollof rice with chicken
South African apple squash fritters
Asparagus with roasted red pepper sauce
Panna cotta with chocolate shavings and Turkish pink peppercorn meringues

February 18, 2012
Mardi Gras

Laisse le bon Temps Rouler


A Mardi Gras fête is a tradition at the farm. This year is no exception. Sid and I became engaged while living in New Orleans 36 years ago and together we enjoyed some great Creole cuisine. This is our time to remember our experiences with the cuisine of south Louisiana. We do not sit on a street curb any longer eating fresh boiled crawfish in a newspaper, rubbing butter on your lips to break the spicy heat and having a cold one. Now we share with you some of the best Creole food possible. This year's class is no exception.

Brandy milk punch
Crawfish beignets with pink peppercorn Rémoulade
Chicken and sausage black bean jambalaya
Oyster and artichoke soup
New Orleans barbecue shrimp and French bread
King cake with Greer farm blueberry cream filling

March 24, 2012
Celebrating All Things Natural
Grass Fed Beef, Pastured Pork, Free Range Chicken and Spring Grass Fed Lamb

Our farm focuses on raising the best natural products possible. This class will use beef and eggs raised on the farm and chicken, pork and lamb raised on a friend's farm using the same techniques as us. Can you imagine all the TLC these animals receive: sunshine, green grass, clean water. This is a rare opportunity to compare grocery store, factory farmed, meat products to those raised naturally. For this class, Eva will share with you her recipe for the best Belize hot onion sauce. This is the only cooking class we know that brings all of
these grass fed meats together at one time.

Spring greens with blue cheese, pastured pork bacon and pumpkin seed brittle
Carne asada (roasted beef) with pickled onions and habanero tomato salsa
Grilled citrus free-range chicken under a brick
Jalapeño pastured pork roast
Lamb chops with fresh mint pesto
Lemon balm and almond Crème brûlée

April 14, 2012
Spring Time on the Farm Using Farm Fresh Eggs

Everyone uses eggs, but who really focuses on what exciting things you can create in the kitchen with them? Using farm fresh brown eggs collected from our pasture hens, we will share with you exciting egg based recipes that can be prepared for friends and family on many different occasions.

Poached eggs over Greer Farm spring mix salad with a citrus vinaigrette and Manchego cheese
Homemade hollandaise sauce served over classic eggs Benedict and eggs Sardou
Strawberry soufflé omelet with caramelized sliced almonds
Perfect frittata
Blueberry swirl angel food cake

April 21, 2012
Homemade Pasta

Bring your apron to this class. It is time to roll up your sleeves and get messy. Learn to make pasta from scratch. It is not all that difficult and you will be amazed at the difference versus box pasta. We will try out a new way to prepare pasta with limited water. Be prepared for a fun class!

Basic pasta dough with variations using spinach, fresh herb, black pepper and chocolate
Wild mushroom and artichokes over black pepper pasta
Lasagna with spinach pasta
Pasta carbonara with sweet peas and ham and fresh herb pasta
Chocolate ravioli with almond filling and raspberry sauce

May 26, 2012
Celebrating a Farmer's Harvest

This is a day you can be a farmer. Bring a pair of comfortable old shoes to romp around on the farm. This class is designed around products grown or raised on the farm: vegetables, farm eggs and grass-fed beef. Start the class touring our CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) gardens picking vegetables to be used in the class. Visit our very contented cows and collect eggs from our heritage breed chickens, including my punk rock Polish chickens, living in their new mobile home.

Menu will be based on what is available fresh in the garden. Details will be available before the class. Expect it to be imaginative.
This class will start at 10:00 am to allow time to be outdoors before we start the class.

June16, 2012
Berry Extravaganza

June is berry time at the Greer Farm. Sun kissed blueberries and blackberries abound. Our pick-your-own berries have become more and more popular as people compare our berries to the other guys. This class will use blueberries and blackberries picked the day of the class at their peak of perfection. Cook, eat and then go pick a bucket to take home.

Blueberry basil lemonade
Sugar snap pea and berry mixed salad
Blue cheese and walnut wontons with blackberry puree
Blackberry soufflé with blackberry sauce and lemony cream
Balsamic glazed grilled pork chops with blueberry ginger sauce
Lemon blueberry rice pilaf

June 30, 2012
Canning in the Farm Kitchen

Does someone in your family give you jars of canned fruit or do you get your canned goods at the grocery store. Sid has great memories of his grandmother and mom canning. Perhaps baking fresh bread the same day and eating fresh jam, butter and bread. It is not difficult to make jams, jellies and fruit sauces. It really isn't! This is a hands-on class where you make a variety of homemade comfitures taking home a jar of each. After taking this class, you will be looking for roadside stands to buy local fruit and take it home and preserve it in your kitchen.

Old-fashioned blackberry jelly
Pineapple and peach jam with mint
Blueberry jalapeño sauce

July 14, 2012
Straight from the Garden

Last year we sold vegetables at area Farmer's Markets. This year we are spreading our wings and will start in March offering a Greer Farm CSA basket every few weeks to those that contract for our farm fresh vegetables grown by farmer Bryan Kirby. Bryan was a partner in Comeback Creek CSA for a number of years. Assuming no drought and scorching heat, July will be the peak of the season. This class will utilize a variety of farm fresh vegetables with recipes you can use year-after-year. The combination of traditional east Texas veggies will be sure to delight your family when you cook these recipes.

Eggplant stacks with ground lamb, feta cheese and mint
Zucchini and yellow squash carpaccio
Savory Tomato pie
Heirloom tomato Greek salad
Chilled red pepper and beet soup with yogurt and caraway seeds
Sweet corn crème brûlée with fresh blueberries

July 28, 2012
Homemade Pizza: Secrets from a Pizza Professional

Chef Eva teams up with Brian Kirby, pizza chef and former owner of a "Jersey Shore" pizza parlor. There may not be any housemates spending the summer by the beach for this class, but Bryan will share with the class his secrets of making great pizza at home. This includes making homemade dough using stretching techniques that create a perfect crust every time. This is a hands-on class and we will make five unique pizzas including a dessert one.

Chinese chicken and cashew pizza
Baby Bella and colored pepper pizza
Philly cheese steak pizza
Smoke salmon, arugula and boursin cheese pizza
Cinnabon pizza

August 11, 2012
Out of the Ordinary Tamales

Eva was born and raised in Central America and Jovita is from Mexico. Together they will share with you techniques to make the best tamales you have ever tasted using corn and banana leaves as wrappers. This is another hands on class that will make you go to the nearest store that sells tamale-cooking pots so you can share what you have learned. Tamales once made can be frozen individually and popped in the microwave or oven for a fast meal or snack. Marie Sharp's Belize habanero sauce will be available to spice up your tamales.

Black bean and corn tamales with red chili Mexican cream
Spinach and cheese tamales with poblano pesto
Chicken annato tamales
Pork and chorizo tamales with grilled tomato jalapeño salsa
Mango hibiscus ice cream

September15, 2012
Healthy Recipes for Those with Special Needs

Processed food is a significant part of most American's diets and these foods for the most part are not compatible with those needing special diets. Cooking is a challenge when you have to focus on diabetes, lactose intolerance or gluten free diets. It is possible to prepare flavorful and healthy meals for those on special diets. This class illustrates just a few of the possibilities. The gluten free mix can be used in all your baking.

Gluten free mix for cookies and baking
Spicy salmon appetizer
Spinach and mixed pepper quiche with pecan crust
Broccoli with almond dressings
Chicken breasts with mushroom sauce
Warm chocolate hazelnut cake

October 20, 2012
Real Soup Does Not Come From a Can

Sid is the worlds worst at grabbing a can of soup for a quick meal when I am gone. It is so easy to make your own soup that's much more healthy and flavorful. Why not learn to make heart-warming soups using fresh ingredients? This class shares some great international recipes introducing new and exciting flavors you may not have experienced before.

Homemade stocks (chicken, beef, vegetable)
American creamy tomato soup with grilled ham and cheese sandwich
Thai coconut and carrot soup with lemon grass stock
Mexican calabasa and tomatillo soup
West African chicken peanut stew
Italian wedding soup

November 3, 2012
Weekend Breakfast Feast

It's a lazy Saturday morning. No one got up early and there are no plans for the day. Do you really want McDonald's again? It's easy to have cereal or a simple breakfast, but why not have something that is really interesting and easy to prepare. This is the class for you. These six recipes will change breakfast in your house forever. Whether your are the lady of the house or the man that knows how to get the family going on weekends, do not miss this opportunity.

Golden spinach strata
Cinnamon churros
Southwest skillet eggs on tostadas
Bacon and egg puffs
Overnight light and airy biscuits
Chocolate stuffed French toast

November 17, 2102
Eating from the Wild

Is there a cave person in your household? Camo clothing hanging in the closet all year just waiting for November and Bass Pro Shop catalogs lying about dog-eared marking hunting pages. We have a class for you. Just in time for the hunting season learn new ways to cook what you kill (or buy); venison, rabbit, quail and duck. This is the class with something for every taste. Wild game does not have to be tough or gamey. Top this off with a cast iron desert. Grrrrrrrrrrrr.

Braised rabbit ragu
Grilled quail salad with papaya and mango
Breakfast venison sausage patties from scratch with mushroom gravy
Duck gumbo with forbidden black rice
Cast iron apple cobbler