Handing over the reins

Dear friends, family, and lurking Farmer's Don't Blog readers,

This is it... Karl's last regular blog. As many of you know I will be starting medical school in the fall. My family and I are in the process of moving to our new home. The berry season is raging, the summer farm workload is peaking... and I am skipping town.

It is not without a certain amount of sadness that I make this move. I've enjoyed my years here on the farm immensely and I've enjoyed sharing news of our progress through this blog. Somewhere along the way I found a different calling. My interest in nutrition turned into a passion for understanding all aspects of human health. I've learned a lot about caring for cows and goats on the farm, but I'm much more interested in caring for my closer relatives, Homo sapiens.

I'm proud of the products that our farm produces. Blueberries and blackberries are among the most healthy foods available and grassfed beef is the perfect foundation for a healthy diet. I firmly believe that if we ate a diet consistent with human genetic evolution, based on grassfed meats, seafood, fresh fruits, vegetables and nuts that we would all add a little more life to our years.

Life on a farm offers a wonderful vantage point from which to observe the workings of nature. Now that we have cabins for rent you have the opportunity to spend a little more time at the farm observing the seasonal work involved in bringing food to your table. Unlike me, you also have the option of keeping your hands clean. One thing I have certainly learned is that there is always work to be done on a farm.

I've enjoyed my farm adventure but it is time to start a new one. Four years from now I hope to have a much greater understanding of human health. I'll report back as often as I can with news of the wonders and horrors of medical school.

Feel free to email me if you have any questions or comments.

Thank you for your support of our farm.

- Karl