Strawberries, Kiwi & Asparagus on the Farm

Despite the very hard winter, snow and low temperatures most of our ever bearing strawberries made it to spring. Each year we have to hand weed them and add straw under the plants. The straw prevents the berries form getting into the dirt. The asparagus bed has been dormant since we mowed it down in the fall. For spring we mow the green cover crop and then add straw mulch. It will not be too long before the fresh asparagus spears appear. Our kiwi plants made it through the long hot summer and then the winter. We have mulched them and they are ready to start and cover the trellis.

Eva and Regina cleaning the strawberry bed


Straw mulched strawberries - Kiwi trellis in the background

Mulched asparagus bed

The kiwi vines


tux taking it easy in the green cover crop