What's Killing Our Buzz?

Once upon a time we had several bee trees on the farm. Every spring the bees became active and the trees home for thousands of bees that pollinated our flowers, berries and vegetables. Now they are gone. There is a lot of speculation about the decline of bees worldwide, but no answers. Most theories point to the widespread use of pesticides, GMO crops, and changes in nature . SLOW Food USA is trying to get the attention of the EPA on this issue. Whatever is causing this needs be identified and stopped if we are to continue to have abundant food. Rather than building “bridges to no where in Alaska”, the government should make every effort to determine if artificial GMO/pesticides as the cause of this decline.

SLOW Food promotes the opposite of “fast food’. They encourage you to eat local, eat healthy and support those that support this; farmers or vendors. There is a local chapter in
Dallas and Houston. I encourage you to check out the city site close to you to see if it may be something you may be interested in. They both offer a lot of fun gatherings of a wide cross spectrum of folks interested in food.

The article below is from SLOW Food USA and is asking for support of a petition drive to get the EPA to perform research on the decline of bees and links to pesticides. I dislike prepared petitions and would suggest if you are inclined to be involved write your own letter to the EPA; and copy your local Congressperson, Senator and the White House.

In the meantime we have ordered our own hives of bumble bees so we can ensure our berry crop will be pollinated. They are to arrive the first week of April.

Something is killing off almost 40% of North American honeybees each year, and it's threatening our entire food chain. Mounting scientific evidence suggests agricultural pesticides are one of the culprits.
The Environmental Protection Agency has the power to
investigate and ban the pesticides thought to be responsible but, despite their own scientists' advice and under pressure from pesticides companies, they're dragging their feet.
Much of the plant-life we depend on for food exists thanks to honeybees.
Now the bees are depending on us to return the favor. Click here to sign our petition calling on the EPA to solve the mystery that's killing our buzz:


Bees don't just make honey: from apples to lemons,
much of the food we eat may disappear with the bees. Even milk and beef production could be threatened: guess what makes the plants that feed the cows? Our friend the honeybee.
What's more, bees add $15 billion to the annual US economy, and
their loss will have a devastating impact on food production and food prices. But the EPA is under pressure to do nothing about it from pesticide companies and the pesticide 'scientists' those companies bankroll. 
The EPA has already acknowledged it should look into the causes of "Colony Collapse Disorder". We need to counter the pesticide lobby's pressure and hold the EPA to that commitment,
by sending them a message they can't ignore:
Everyone stands to lose with the threat to our food chain known as CCD. That's why everyone needs to stand together to counter the pressure the EPA is under not to do it's job: protect the things we rely on to survive.
Many Slow Food chapters are also hosting screenings of a new CCD documentary,
Vanishing of the Bees. It's a great way to get together in your community and learn more about what you can do to help solve this problem.
Time and again Slow Food members get together to celebrate the importance of food. It's now the
time to take action to protect that which binds us together, and stand up for the bees that make it all possible.
Spring's going to be a lot quieter this year.