How Do You Fatten Grass-Fed Steers in Winter

I get the question pretty often, how do you fatten grass-fed steers in winter. It is really quiet simple. You plan a year ahead. We feed our steers wonderfully rich and healthy alfalfa hay raised in the Missouri River valley east of Kansas City. Our suppiler farms several thousand acres of soy beans, corn and alfalfa. He really makes an effort to raise the very best alfalfa that can be raised in his area. Unlike alfalfa hay we used to get from Colorado, this has not stones and small rocks in it . It is all hay.

We try to get our loads from the first or second cutting and after harvested they are stored in covered barns until shipped to us. We contract with a local trucker that is coming back from the north empty (dead haul). The hay is coverd in a tarp on the truck.

Once we receive it ,we put it inside our covered barn and there it stays until the fall when our native grasses loose their nutrition. We feed in special feeders we got in Tulsa that limit the waste of hay in the manner the steer eats in the ring.

In addition to hay, we have free choice minerals and salt available to the steers. They only eat what they need. There is also fresh water in a tank for them.

Bottom line is that you can raise steers and faten them in the off season, but it takes planning and effort. In a few months, they will have access to fresh rye grass we planted in October.

We have steers available for purchase in March by the split quarter and half.

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