My Turn

Since February 2006, you have had the privilege of reading about our family farm, thoughts on life, and other interesting bits of information tossed in for good measure in Farmers Don’t Blog written by my son, Karl. While we still are a family farm, part of the family is moving on to bigger and better things. Karl leaves Daingerfield in June headed to medical school. He takes with him his lovely and talented wife Amber and the most beautiful granddaughter anyone has ever had, Kaya Star. We will be left with both physical memories of their time working and living here and a heart full of memories that we will always cherish will hold dear for as long as our aging minds allow.

We all know that change happens and we have to accept it. The very fact that Karl left his career to come to the farm to work with us, and while here married the love of his life and had his first child, makes the past several years more special than you can imagine. The projects he started, the fruit and berry farm, and the projects that failed, like sheep farming, all have a lasting effect on us. We will get used to their departure in time swallowing the memories of there being here in the change of seasons.

From this point forward, this blog may not be as interesting. I will do my best to share our life on the farm and whatever else I feel you may want or need to know.

It is now my turn.