Cows Die

Yesterday's events ended up rather sad today. I suppose the cow tried to get up and walk when we checked on her last night, but her legs had given out and she could not stand. She made a big effor tto walk the few steps we saw her do.

Today, in the sleet and snow, I found her dead. Then came the sad task or taking her out of the pasture to a permanent resting place. This is never a pleasant task as each cow is known to me.

I believe that the death of a farm animal affects all around it. After I moved her, a cow that had been with her for many years went and stood over the spot she died. Sniffed the ground and then raised her head and let out a low cow call. Equally affected was Simone our guard donkey. She did not go to the death spot, but stayed across the meadow with her head down low. Clearly being emotional.

We know so little about animals and death other than it happens. People for certain grieve when someone thyey know and like or love dies. Why should it not be the same for animals. They are together every day never being separated. I feel for them I this loss too.

Life will go on in this paddock. More calves will be born in the coming weeks and life will be renewed through them. May there be more plesant and happy days rather than those we just experienced.