Gina vs. The Mountain of God

"To see once is worth more than hearing a hundred times." - African Proverb

My sister, Gina (of Kilimanjaro Marathon fame), is currently climbing a volcano that just became active (again) on July 20th. In her own words, "We figure the big things have already blown out the top so why not go check it out." Just a quiet stroll up a peaceful lava spewing rock named Ol Doinyo Lengai, aka The Mountain Of God.

To climb The Mountain of God you begin at midnight, summit by sunrise, and dine on tea and crumpets at base camp by early afternoon. All assuming a car sized hunk of molten rock doesn't render you into a gaseous state...

If you think this is beginning to sound like the lead-in to a Darwin Award, then I'm right with you.

Hakuna matata, Gina. May the mountain go easy on you.