Pied Piper of Goatville

What do you do when you need to move a herd of goats from one location to another? Well if you're big-time goat "ranchers" like us you don't load them on a trailer... No siree... Instead you take a bucket of feed and any newborn kid (as in baby goat, not your nephew) you can find and lead the followers out of their barren field, across the front yard, and through the rusty gates to goat paradise (aka lush winter pasture). Since our goats had basically been grazing wood chips, and I get tired of feeding animals hay, and since it's kidding time, and since the rye grass was tall enough to start grazing... the goats had to go!

- Our hero leads the goats across the front yard -

- Goats getting down on the good stuff -

- Mama goat licks snooky off baby goat -

- Our hero in an Aw Shucks moment -