Greer Farm Newsletter: Cooking/Dining

Attached below is our January Farm to Fork Cooking Class newsletter which contains our class opportunities in 2013 and our new dining events. Call 903-645-3232 for more information or to make a reservation.
We send each of you new year's greetings and best wishes for an exciting, fun, and successful year. We are constantly thinking of new ways to share our farm with you. This year we have added pasture raised pork and free range chicken and are trying to raise a few ducks for their eggs and meat. Hopefully this year we will have better luck with our lamb and can provide that as well. Our grass-fed beef sales have been going well as more people are buying our great tasting and healthy beef. Our next availability for beef will be in March, so please call if you are interested in making a reservation. Winter has been wet and cold so far. This is excellent for our berries and we are hoping that they will produce as great a crop as last year.

This first newsletter of the year is only about food. Chef Eva has been working for weeks developing a very unique set of classes that are not repetitive nor are they something you find taught every day in normal cooking classes.  The 2013 class schedule has been designed to bring to you recipes and menus that will inspire and widen your culinary horizon. It consists of 18 unique classes, some of which explore the cuisine of different countries. Others utilize the meats, herbs, fresh fruits and vegetables available at the farm. These  classes are both challenging and interesting for both the experienced cook or someone just developing an interest in cooking.  Many of the courses will be prepared by you as a hands-on activity.  Like all her classes, there will be moments of excitement, lots of laughter, calamities that need to be handled, and best of all, you get to eat what you prepare.  It's all part of the fun of our Farm to Fork cooking classes.

Over the past decade, heading out to the farm for a cooking class has become a tradition for many.  It’s an activity that enables you to get away for a few hours and be lost in a world of delectable food while learning new culinary techniques.   If you choose, you can spend a weekend in one of our lakeside log cabins or the loft apartment. We have made a few changes for this year and all watercraft are free to use without any fee and by March we will have free bicycles available for you to use on our beautiful back country roads.

New this year is an opportunity to join us at The Greer Farm table on two different occasions. The first is a special Valentine's Day dinner, Saturday February 16, where you will share a table with your loved one and other guests while enjoying a gourmet meal with wine paring. The second is a luncheon served in our garden on the eve of Mother's Day, Saturday May 11, where you can enjoy spring flowers and share a fabulous meal with your special mother.
We look forward to your attending one of our classes and/or joining us for the dinner or luncheon.

To make reservations or for more information call 903-645-3232
All classes start at the farm at 11:00 am unless another time is specified.

Rather than repeating the class and dinind schedule, this

LINK will take you to our website pages that has the complete list.