Ducklings Arrive on Cold Morning

The poultry farm we get our stock from send an email last week that they had mixed breed ducklings available this week for a special price. I guess not many buy ducks this time of the year and they cannot exactly put them on a shelf to wait for a customer. We had lost our ducks to a wild critter last year, so thought it was a good time to get some more. In 3-1/2 months the females will lay eggs and who know what else we may do with them.

The Daingerfield post office clerk called at 6:30 am and said they were here. It was 29 degrees outside so I guess they have had a cold trip since they left the hatchery yesterday

Eva kept the box warm and I warmed up our brooder (actually a big water tub) and all was ready. Fresh warm water and crumble feed. Their first taste of the real world.

mail mail

Hopefully all 18 will live and thrive during the first days of their life. Six did not make it and were dead in the box. Winter is a hard time to ship them i suppose, but the ones that all died seemed to be of the same type. Maybe it was another problem.

In any case, we will keep you posted on their progress.

Quack - Quack