Our Chickens: Here One Day Gone the Next

Last spring we obtained a variety of chickens (baby chicks a few days old) and with great care raised them into laying hens. All was happy in the hen house until fall late when suddenly we started to lose hens every night. We had noticed a fox near the chicken yard and there was a hole dug under the fence. We set out a live trap in the creek below the old barn and in rapid order caught a few large raccoons and huge possum. By that time, our flock of sixty hens had been reduced to four. Amazingly, in the past few months we have had no more losses. The four hens are so lax about their security they seldom stay in the protected chicken yard and roam freely near the house during the day.

We will shortly be ordering a new set of baby chicks. Before they are ready to go into the free range world, we shall make some changes. We are going to build a new chicken house, and depending on cost may make it mobile so we can move it around in the pastures.

Maybe we will have better luck this year.

These are photos of the flock we lost.




We had great eggs. See the contrast in the large egg below versus a standard egg.