Meat Harvest on the Farm

The new year brings to a conslusion the raising a set of pigs, steers and chickens.

We sent 45 French breed Red Ranger chickens to our USDA inspected processor January 2 and this week we picked them up and have them in the freezer ready for our customers to pick up. These chickens are raised on a combination of pasture and feed. Chickens in the grocery store are finished in about six weeks from birth to harvest. Most in the farmer's market are finished in about the same time frame. Our French heritage breed take almost twice that time. this make the meat more flavorful and the chicken is not stressed. They are also not a genetically modified breed. Price is $4.25/lb. and they weight 3-5 pounds.

Today six steers go for harvest. They are about 27 months old and have been fed grass only. Being all natural and slowly grown the meat is complete different than store bought grain finished beef that is probably no more than 9-12 months old and has been filled with all sorts of artificial substances. Our beef is sold differently. One customer bought a whole steer, others a half and some split quarter. Some are sharing their part with others so they do not have so much beef at one time. We have two more steers to harvest March 1 and these are available to purchase by the split quarter, half or whole. We will also have more of our delicious ground beef in late March. Our price for March remains unchanged from 2012, $3.50/lb hanging weight for the beef and the processor charges 66 cents/lb. for processing and $9/qyuarter for harvest.

We are also harvesting a number of pasture raised pigs this week. These pigs arrived after weaning in August and have been on pasture eating grass, grubbing for worms and bugs, eating oaks and tree nuts and an all natural grain mix. There is no comparison to their meat versus commercial factor raised pork. We still have 1/2 of a pig available to sell. This is not too much meat, but easily split with others. In late February, we will have different cuts of prok availabel by the package at the farm. Price is $6/lb including processing for 1/2 pig.

When you buy your meat products from our farm you know how they were raised, how they were cared for, what they ate and how they were harvested.

Orders being taken now for pork, beef and chickens in 2013.