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Farm to Fork Cooking Classes at the Greer Farm are becoming a tradition for many.  It’s an activity that enables you to get away for a few hours or a weekend if you choose to stay in one of our lakeside log cabins or the loft apartment while learning about different kinds of food and how to prepare it. 

The 2013 class schedule has been designed to bring to you recipes and menus that will inspire and widen your culinary horizon. It consists of 18 unique classes, some of which explore the cusine of different countries. Others utilize the meats, fresh fruits and vegetables available at the farm.  

New this year is an opportunity to join us at The Greer Farm table for two different occasions. The first is a special Valentine's Day dinner, Saturday February 16, where you will share a table with your loved one and other guests while enjoying a gourmet meal with wine paring. The second is a luncheon served in our garden on the eve of Mother's Day, Saturday May 11, where you can enjoy spring flowers and share a fabulous meal with your special mother.

We look forward to your attending one of our classes and/or joining us for the dinner or luncheon.

February 9, 2013
For The Love of Chocolate
For those of you who are like me, very fond of chocolate, this class is sure to satisfy those cravings.  If you prefer to prepare a special dinner for your sweetheart or even prepare it together, after this class you will be able to create a romantic evening.  We will suggest wine parings to go with each course.

Champurrado thick Mexican hot chocolate
Savory chocolate bruschetta with salt
Spinach pear and walnut salad with cocoa nib dressing
Seared pork tenderloin with cocoa spice
Calabaza squash with chocolate mole
White chocolate pot de crème with raspberry chocolate brittle

February 16, 2013
Celebrating Love at the Greer Farm Table: A Special Served Dinner
6:30 pm
Our farm house has been the scene of many culinary celebrations since 1850.  You can imagine what some may have been like.  We invite you to join us for a gathering of those who want to express their love for each other, or just enjoy interesting food that is uncommon locally.   We will be sharing this special meal together and come away with new friends, ideas and an appreciation of great food.
Seating is limited, please reserve early.  You have a choice of beef or salmon. Please indicate which of these you desire when you make your reservation.

Smoked tomato soup with crème fraiche
Spring mix salad with smoked salmon and crab timbales served with champagne vinaigrette
Mini Beef Wellingtons with mushroom duxelles and gorgonzola or roasted salmon served with pink peppercorn sauce
Mini Pommes Anna
Caramelized honey glazed beets and carrots
Red chili spiked chocolate mousse with a dark chocolate dipped orange and almond lace cookie
Homemade bread with chipotle butter
Coffee and Iced Tea
Complementary wine paring

  We offer in combination with this dinner, accommodation in a lakeside cabin or the loft apartment.  Complementary wine, welcome snack basket and flowers make this a special weekend. 


  February 23, 2013
Food from the Middle Earth:  A Hobbit Feast
This class starts at 10:00 am
If you have seen Lord of the Rings or The Hobbit, you may have overlooked what they were eating.  We are not suggesting you go back to see a three hour movie or a series that last days like the Lord of the Rings.  You can trust us that Hobbit food is interesting, savory and fun to learn to make.  If you want to come to this class in costume there just may be a prize for the best dressed.   

Poached fresh Greer farm eggs and our pastured bacon, fried mushrooms
Second breakfast
Scones and jam
Lemba bread
English pork sausage
Fish and chips
Afternoon Tea
Honey cakes
Pork pies and Apple Tart
Seed cake with lemon cream
English hot tea and coffee
Complimentary Ale tasting

March 2, 2013
Mexican Brunch
Mexican cuisine is more than spicy.  It’s a combination of flavors that meld together to create a unique culinary sensation.  This ambitious class will teach you how to create some very different yet succulent creations from south of our border

Coffee with cinnamon and cloves
Cactus smoothie
Huevos divorciados with homemade tortillas
Enchiladas tapatias with chicken and anejo cheese
Jalisco style crab and shrimp salad
Poblano stuffed with picadillo
Freda Kahlo’s sugared fritters served with piloncillo syrup

March 9, 2013
St. Patrick's Day Feast 
There have been so many books, movies, plays, poems and stories that try to capture what is Ireland and the Irish.  Perhaps their food is the most indicative way that Ireland expresses itself.  The Irish are not dull folk and neither is their robust hardy food.  They are a people impacted by life on an island buffeted by the North Sea with limited local crops available year round to prepare their meals.  For this class, imagine yourself in an Irish pub on a cold, windy and wet night near a roaring fire as you learn to make these traditional Irish fare.

Irish sausage rolls with Guinness mustard
Gaelic steak
Irish soda bread with Irish gold butter
Mushroom frigacy
Chocolate whiskey cake
Complementary Irish beer and stout sampling

April 6, 2013
Singapore Street Food (Hawker Style) 
Singapore is perhaps the most elegant and interesting of cosmopolitan cities in the world.  There is no limit to the culinary feasts served in its famous restaurants, but to really know Singapore, you need to get out on the street and enjoy the unique food available hawker style. Chef Eva was there in 2012 and took cooking classes and roamed the city with her grandsons. This class is inspired by those outings.

Chicken satay with spicy peanut sauce
Po Piah Vegetable spring rolls with Tom Cheong sauce
Bak Kuhn pork spareribs soup with pappadam
Char Kway Teow with shrimp
Hai Nan Ji Fan Hainanese chicken rice
Fresh coconut candy

May 11, 2013
Mother's Day Luncheon: A Served Meal 
For mother’s day most of you gather the family with mom for lunch.  It’s a family time.  We are offering a special served luncheon on Saturday the day before Mother’s Day. This is for daughters, sons, and couples to bring mom (and dad) to our farm for a special event.  Celebrate Mother’s Day at the Greer farm in the garden.  Please reserve no later than Friday, May 4th. Lunch will be served in the farm house in the event of inclement weather.

Mixed greens Salad with strawberries, candied pecans and balsamic vinaigrette
Parmesan crusted chicken with tomato basil coulis
Gingered sugar snap peas
Aged goat cheese and potato timbales
Frozen lemon soufflé with raspberries and almond crust
Homemade bread with savory butter
Coffee and iced tea
Complementary wine

May 25, 2013
A Bacon Tasting:  Special event at the Greer Farm 
We raised our own pasture pigs this year and the pork is so delicious.  There is no comparison to the pork you buy at the store that is raised in factory farms.  We have set aside a portion of the bacon from the pigs we raised for this class.  It is all natural and has not been treated with nitrates or artificial “natural” flavorings.  The highlight of the class is “building” the bacon explosion.

Bacon wrapped dates stuffed with Gouda cheese
Broccoli cherry salad with warm bacon vinaigrette-and Mango glazed bacon
Bacon explosion: A unique combination of bacon and homemade pork sausage
Spinach and kale sautéed with bacon and onions
Bacon and pecan brittle ice cream served in
Bacon and chocolate tuille

June 8, 2013
Harvesting the Garden 
Special start time for this class is 10:00 am
There is nothing like fresh vegetables.  This is especially true if they are being prepared for a meal only minutes after being harvested.  Sid and the chef have done all the hard work growing our vegetables and it’s up to you to select and harvest what we will use in this class.  Bring your hat, gloves, work shoes and field clothes and be prepared to harvest what you cook.  Menu is based on what we think will be available in our gardens. If not, we will cook what we do have. 

Southwestern corn pudding
Citrus pea sprout salad
Summer squash caprese noodle salad
Buffalo chicken lettuce wraps
Braised short ribs with fork mashed purple majesty potatoes
Framboise Sabayon with blueberries and blackberries

June 22, 2013
In the Heart of the Blueberry and Blackberry Field
Late June is the middle of the berry harvest.  The bushes and vines should be loaded with sweet blackberries and blueberries.  Each year we focus on cooking with our field berries fresh picked the day of the class. This year’s menu is more savory than in the past and should prove intriguing to prepare.

Caramelized onion tartlets with black berry and blueberry glazed bacon
Pickled blueberries and fresh corn salad
Blackberry prosciutto crostini
Mushroom and blueberry balsamic pot roast
Balsamic roasted fingerling potatoes
Mixed berry coleslaw
Blackberry Pinot Noir sorbet

June 29, 2013
Independence Day Celebration 
Imagine yourself being a delegate to the convention writing the Declaration of Independence in Philadelphia, July 1776. It was a hot, humid summer.  The meetings were so secret the windows in the meeting hall were closed and covered, making the heat inside almost unbearable.  Many of the delegates had their meals at the nearby City Tavern, which still operates in its original location. Some of this class menu items were served at the City Tavern during that summer.  Others were ones that Washington, Franklin and Jefferson came to favor.  Celebrate our nation’s independence by learning to prepare these special selections.

Cornmeal Fried oysters with herb Remoulade
George Washington's West Indies Pepperpot Soup
(Served to the soldiers at Valley Forge)
Anadama Bread with French butter (a Jefferson favorite)
Benjamin Franklin’s Romaine lettuce with burgundy wine -Dijon vinaigrette
Beef & Pork pie with quick puff pastry
Thomas Jefferson’s favorite floating islands
Complementary ale

July13, 2013
Cooking with an Array of Salads 
A salad goes with almost any meal and in many cases a salad is the meal itself.  Your will find that some of these are quiet hardy.  It’s mid-summer and the heat is starting to takes its toll on fresh greens from the garden, but there is still a great variety available to make some interesting salads for this class.

Tomato and okra cornmeal cakes with BLT salad
Fingerling potato salad
Grilled steak salad with tomato vinaigrette
Buffalo chicken salad
Watermelon and blueberry salad
Chamomile honey sorbet

July 20, 2013
Cooking with Spirits
Much has been said and written about the evils of rum and prohibition, but when it comes to using sprits in cooking it’s another matter.  Can you  imagine how American cuisine suffered when we were forced to use bootleg Canadian whiskey or Arkansas moonshine in our kitchen.  The spirits we will use in this class bring out flavors you will be amazed by.  Don’t worry if you have qualms about consuming spirits.  These spirits will be cooked out and only their savory flavor will remain.

Grilled goat cheese and gin crostini with orange salsa
Ice tomato and vodka soup
Portabella crabs Rockefeller with Pernod
Drunken mushrooms with brandy
Pepper steak with chive butter and cognac
Peach cassis parfait with champagne

August 3, 2013
Enchiladas, Moles and Tamales
Once again Chef Eva goes back to her Central American roots. These are some of her favorites. This class will be a great hands-on experience.  Everything is included for this class but your sweat towel!

Pork Medallions with red mole served with dumplings
Mole Amarillo, yellow mole with chicken
Grilled vegetable tamales
Spicy Shrimp tamales with roasted tomatillo sauce and Cotija cheese
Roasted Butternut squash enchiladas with Poblano sauce
Flan Napolitan

 August 24, 2013
Belizean Cooking
"yu kyaahn travl pahn emti stomak" (Literally, this means you cannot travel on an empty stomach in Belizean creole)
  Not everyone knows that Chef Eva was born and raised in Belize until she left for university.  Her earliest recollections are being in the kitchen when meals were prepared or eating Belizean street food when shopping or after school walking home.  The food of Belize has more character than Latin cuisine and has been influenced by the cuisine of the Caribbean islands and Africa.  What is prepared for this class are some of the most popular foods of Belize. We did not include the cow foot soup or salted pig tails

Fish panades with Belizean hot onion
Rice and beans with fried plantains
Belizean meatballs
Johnny cakes with coconut milk
Individual Meat pies
Coconut tart

September 7, 2013
Vietnamese Cooking 
Chef Eva enjoyed a trip to Vietnam last year and found that the food was much more interesting than she suspected it might be.  There is much variety in what is available to cook with.  This class will focus on items whose ingredients can easily be obtained here in the states.  This will be fun!  Imagine an avocado smoothie.  Who would have thought of that?

Avocado smoothie
Crispy spring rolls with peanut dipping sauce
Pho Hanoi beef soup and noodles
Torn chicken and cabbage salad
Shaking beef with garlic sauce
Coconut caramel flan

October 5, 2013
Octoberfest: Rich Food & Beer

In a lot of American families there is a German relative in the family tree someplace.  Sid’s grandfather immigrated to the states from Germany passing Ellis Island before a ship brought his family to Galveston.  Folks in central Texas still carry on the Oktoberfest tradition.  This class will do the same on the farm as we will use beer as a staple with a Texas fusion.  Perhaps some polka music to move us along.  Bavarian local dress optional, but dare to if you want. Some complementary beer will just make this menu.

Cheddar ale spread
Beer bread
Pork chops with mushrooms and dark beer
Beer braised red cabbage and apples
Guinness stout brownies
Beer ice cream
Complimentary beer

October19, 2013

Making Ordinary Pot Pies Extra Ordinary

$80   October is the first cool month and what better time to practice making something you can either make fresh in the winter or make and freeze for those cold January and February nights.  There is something about a pot pie that brings instant satisfaction.  These pot pies are nothing like those you can buy in the store. These are sure to be a fine comfort food.  

Seafood Pot Pie
Wild Mushroom Pot Pie
Supreme Chicken Pot pie
Grilled Romaine and Balsamic Vinaigrette Salad
Blackberry Pot Pie

November 9, 2013
Christmas Appetizers 
Starting out with homemade eggnog, this appetizer class has some very unusual and savory snacks for every occasion.  You will be hard pressed to decide which to prepare if you can only bring one appetizer to the party.

Homemade eggnog with brandy
Wrapped soy ginger scallops
Roasted chickpeas and pistachios
Crispy salami with garlic and black pepper Boursin
Onion soufflé with white and black sesame and poppy seeds crisp
Polenta rounds with goat cheese and salmon
Salmon rillettes with black pepper toasts

November 23, 2013
Cookies for the Holidays
Santa is on his way.  You had better be prepared to have some cookies to leave out with Egg Nog for his arrival.  But in the days leading up to Christmas, there are lots of opportunities to make the house smell so good by baking homemade cookies.  These may be gifts to your special friends or family or just left in a cookie jar to be enjoyed by whoever roams into the kitchen late at night. Hmmmm cookies and milk… what a treat! You will take home a sample of all the cookies we prepare.  The challenge will be not to eat them before you get there.

Ginger cookies with white chocolate glaze
Chile chocolate cookies
Best sugar cookies
Oatmeal cherry cookies
Chocolate chip and English toffee
Almond pistachio macaroons
Rosemary and pine nut cookies

Terms & Conditions
Cabin Special
We offer in combination with our Farm to Fork Cooking Classes accommodation in a lakeside cabin or the loft apartment.
Please read our cancellation policy before making a reservation. 
Classes are by reservation only and must be paid for in advance at the time the reservation is made.  Call 903-645-3232 for availability and to make a reservation using a credit card.  Space is filled on a first come, first served basis.  Participants should be 14 or older. If your preferred class is full, we will place you on a waiting list. 
Cancellation Policy
Due to the financial impact of cancellations at the last minute, our cancellation policy is strictly followed.  There are no exceptions regardless of the circumstances or nature of an emergency situation.   If you cancel a reservation 21 days prior to a class your class fee will be refunded less a 50% of fee cancellation charge.  So you lose no value, you may transfer your class reservation to another person. If cancellation is within 21 days of the class date, forfeiture of the fee will result unless we can re-book your reservation.  If we are able to re-book your reservation we will issue a refund of the class fee less a 50% of fee cancellation charge.  All refunds are by check.
We reserve the right to cancel any class at any time. Classes may be cancelled due to insufficient participation, illness of the instructor or inclement weather.  In such instances you can receive a full refund or you may choose to use the fee paid as a credit toward another class. Recipes may be changed due to unavailability of ingredients.  

All classes are at the Farm House and start at 11:00 AM unless noted different
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All classes are at the Farm House and start at 11:00 AM except as noted Gift certificates available Reservations or Additional Information 903-645-3232