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Trading City Life for an East Texas Farm
The Dallas Morning News

Greer Farm in East Texas, Cooking Classes, B&B
The Dallas Morning News

Greer Farm No Crust Asparagus Quiche
The Dallas Morning News

Adventures at Greer Farm
D Home Magazine
After living everywhere from Madagascar to London, Eva and Sid Greer settled on 400 acres in the middle of nowhere. And they’d love for you to book a visit.

Sweet Blues: Berry Farm has Much to Offer
County World Newspaper

Heritage and History in a Day: Frenzy on the Farm
The Longview News-Journal

No Luggage Required: East Texas and the Greer Farm
Video Link
The Longview News Journal

One Tank Vacations
CBS News Tyler

Chef Eva Supports College Culinary Program
Longview News-Journal Articles

Greer Farm: Improving on a Texas tradition
The Paris News

Local Farms Offer Home Grown Fruit
Mount Pleasant Daily Tribune

No Cook Side Dishes for Your Summer Picnic
The Dallas Morning News