Farm Office Window

The distinct advantage of living in rural America is lifestyle. If you live on a farm, it is even better since you have no close neighbors. This photo is taken from the farm office window, over the desk, looking out to a vegetable garden and two paddocks; one with a few heifers and cows and the other quarter horses and Pepper our Zebra. It is over 90 degrees now, but was mid 60's at sun up. I open the window for a long as I can before it gets real hot. I feel a slight summer breeze and hear so many bird sounds. Butterflies are ever present just at the windows edge. Purple Martins have a house I can see and they fly back and forth to feed the baby birds and to catch bugs. They make a pleasant sound. It is a relaxed place to work when you have to be inside.

Life is what you make it where ever you are planted.

Farm Life