Farm to Fork Cooking Class: Belizean Foods

Belizean Cooking
At the farm near Daingerfield
August 24, 2013 11:00 am  $80
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"yu kyaahn travl pahn emti stomak"
(Literally, this means you cannot travel on an empty stomach in Belizean creole)
Not everyone knows that Chef Eva was born and raised in Belize until she left for university.  Her earliest recollections are being in the kitchen when meals were prepared or eating Belizean street food when shopping or after school walking home.  The food of Belize has more character than Latin cuisine and has been influenced by the cuisine of the Caribbean islands and Africa.  What is prepared for this class are some of the most popular foods of Belize. We did not include the cow foot soup or salted pig tails

Fish panades with Belizean hot onion
Rice and beans with fried plantains
Belizean meatballs
Johnny cakes with coconut milk
Individual Meat pies
Coconut tart

The photo was taken in Belize. It's a cashew fruit. The nut is not inside, outside.