Garden day

Worked in the garden all day. And I mean ALL day. Kind of hot out there today. Planted the rest of the asparagus. Apparently it arrived on Wednesday, but when you live in the sticks and the UPS guy knows you so well that he just leaves your packages in the barn, sometimes you don't know when something has arrived until you check the online tracking and it says delivered. Then you get to go "discover" it. The asparagus plants arrive as live roots so they are not something you necessarily want drying out in the barn for a few days. No worries. They still appeared to be in decent shape.

Also prepared a seed bed and planted a special surprise for Mother's Day. One of those wait and see gifts that take some time to reveal themselves. The tiller decided to quit halfway through the tilling, so I was able to have a little fun time with spark plugs. The one that was in the tiller was all black and gummed up. Didn't have a spare in the barn so I turned on the electric wire brush and gave it a good scrubbing. Apparently that was good enough and I was able to finish my work.

Some of the seed I planted earlier (beans and corn) did not come up very evenly. So I decided to start over. Pulled up a few stalks of corn and tilled everything else under. By this time it was nearly 8 pm and it was definitely time for a glass of water. Just one glass. Man has to drink from time to time. I'll try and plant tomorrow.