Cooking Class: Bacon Explosion

Saturday May 25 will be a great day on the farm. The Farm to Fork Cooking Class is all about bacon. There is no way this can be anything but a fun class and you will learn how to prepare bacon in different ways, including a bacon explosion. Do not miss it.

Saturday, May 25, 2013, 11:00 am at the farm house
A Bacon Tasting:  Special event at the Greer Farm 
We raised our own pasture pigs this year and the pork is so delicious.  There is no comparison to the pork you buy at the store that is raised in factory farms.  We have set aside a portion of the bacon from the pigs we raised for this class.  It is all natural and has not been treated with nitrates or artificial “natural” flavorings.  The highlight of the class is “building” the bacon explosion.

Bacon wrapped dates stuffed with Gouda cheese
Broccoli cherry salad with warm bacon vinaigrette-and Mango glazed bacon
Bacon explosion: A unique combination of bacon and homemade pork sausage
Spinach and kale sautéed with bacon and onions
Bacon and pecan brittle ice cream served in
Bacon and chocolate tuille

We took these photos at a cast iron cook-off contest in the fall. It is one of the items on the class menu.

Dutch Oven Cooking 055 Dutch Oven Cooking 057 Dutch Oven Cooking 059Dutch Oven Cooking 061