Grade A Goat Milk Available

The Hutchins family near Greenville are good friends of ours and are back in the dairy goat milk business. We highly recommend their dairy and goat milk. It is hard to find famiy farms that offer good products and respect the environment. Even though, on a limited basis, we compete with our grass-fed beef, pasture riased pork and pasture poultry, we cooperate in many ways. You will not find better folks to get your goat milk from.

Rehoboth Ranch, near Greenville, Texas, has been licensed by the state of Texas to sell Grade A Raw Goat Milk since 2003.  They currently have goat milk available for booking.  The raw goat milk is sold on a repetitive order basis.  Customers place their orders at the beginning of the season for quart or gallon containers, fluid or frozen milk, for pick up every week, two weeks, OR  four weeks, for the entire season until the end of November.  Orders may be increased at any time extra milk is available.  Orders may be decreased or cancelled at any time by the customer.  All milk must be picked up at the farm.  Pickup quantities are subject to availability.  Especially during the fall, orders may be short due to seasonal decrease in production.

Quarts are $4.00, gallons are $14.00. 

State licensed Grade A Raw Milk is required by regulation to be picked up at the farm where it is produced.  It cannot be “delivered, distributed, or sold from retail establishments, including farmers’ markets.” There is currently a bill in the state legislature to get this delivery and farmers’ market sales restriction lifted.
If you would like to try a small quantity to see if you like it and want to purchase on a regular basis, please contact Rehoboth Ranch via email at

Goats On hill pasture in spring

Elizabeth with kid