Which Beef Is Best?

Some time ago I was in an HEB grocery store (Houston) and saw three very different types of beef for sale. Each is the same cut of steak, but there is a remarkable difference in the fat content of each and the price. The natural Beef and Kobe Beef are from cattle that are fed mostly grain. This beef is NOT that healthy for you. The grass fed beef in the center is the one that is most healthy, but you have to take care in how you cook it. There is little to no marbeling in this grass fed beef. Our grass fed beef has a much more natural marbeling. I suspicion that this HEB beef comes from a large ranch, that pushes their cattle out the door to harvest six months faster than we do. It takes time to grow out a grass fed steer. Patience is important in the grass fed beef business.

Link to New York times Blog on
“Switching to Grass-Fed Beef”

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