End of 2008... A New Beginning

Peter Drucker gave advice to management of companies for many years and became the leading consultant in how companies need to change to survive and thrive. One bit of advice is also good for all of us that are making New Year's Resolutions.

"The best way to predict the future is to create it."

I totally believe this and have practiced it all my life. When I did not things normally did not go as I expected them to. When we left the corporate world in late 1998 to return to Daingerfield and build a farm and ranch business, we developed a business plan with a set of goals. some were as minor as building fences in a certain place during a certain time period and others were more important like moving into agritourism and building rental log cabins.

Our goals and targets in our plan were our predictions of what our future would look like. When you visit your farm, you see what we have created. Are we finished, probably not. We are digesting what we have developed now and taking a breath before we stretch out.

Things that may become part of our future include pasture raised pork, spring grass-fed lamb, cheese making, some sort of event center with commercial kitchen to make products using our farm products, and maybe even space for larger gatherings and weddings. Like our accomplishments in the past, we will evaluate each of these based on our resources, the probability of success (profitable), how they fit with what we are doing and our customer base, physical time to do them and a reflection of our age.... do we have time left to do them.

We hope that the resolutions you make for 2009 are ones that you can create and make your life better for you and those around you.

Happy New Year