Planted our "personal" garden yesterday. Sorry, nothing for you folks. Last year I really went overboard with cucumbers and tomatotes out the ears. Not so this year. Taking things a bit easier. Of course, it is already more than I had planned on. Let's see... the rows are 36'. 2 rows english peas, 2 rows sugar snap peas, 1/4 row lettuce, 1/4 row broccoli, 1/4 row brussel sprouts, 1/4 row cabbage, 1 row onions, 2/3 row spinach, 1/3 row mustard, 1/2 row carrots, 1/2 row beets, 2 rows red potatoes, 2 rows yukon gold potatoes. 12 rows already. Digging the trenches for the potatoes I could see roots and shoots of grass from last year's neglected patch. Just a little warmth and BAM the weed nightmare begins.