August is Over

The dog days of summer came late, but drag on as we are on the edge of Labor Day. It's the last summer holiday and we have only to look forward to the fall and cooler weather now.

We had as good a summer as one can expect on our family farm. The berry season was late, lasted long and was successful. Vegetables were slow to start, faltered in some cases, but we have what we need. The Farmer's Market season continues on for another 11 weeks. Seems like the start back in April was ages ago. Nothing like those 4:00 am get-up and-go starts twice a week. We expect over 60 calves to start hitting the ground in six weeks. If all goes well, our sow will have drop babies in three late November.

Eva has been busy making all sorts of interesting jams. We have harvested plums, strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, peaches, apples, pears and more. The freezers are full of fruit waiting to be turned into wonderful jam. Now is pepper season and that is an entirely different type of sauce or jam. We smoked tubs of jalapeno red peppers today for sauces.

The fall gardens are planted and most of the plants are well on their way to bringing us nice coller weather vegetables. The tomatoes planted 6 weeks ago are now starting to produce for the fall.

Out in the berry patch we are working almost every day on pruning and row weed clearing. It seems like an endless task but in 2-3 weeks we will be finished until next spring.

The cabins have been very busy all summer and it continues. We enjoy meeting the interesting families that come out to see our farm and kick back relaxing by the lake.