Grass Fed Beef - For Sale

The best moms in the cattle business (says I).


We are running an add for our excellent grass fed beef on
Craigslist. It is on this link and below if the link goes away.

Our cattle are fed all naturally. They do not get all of the nasty unnatural stimulates, growth stimulators and other stuff feed lot cattle are given. They DO NOT spend the last 3-5 months of their life in standing in a manure filled dry lot eating over 2 tons of GMO grain and Soy. Your can taste the difference.

The Ad

We have full-blood Maine-Anjou grass fed beef for sale.

Full-blood Maine-Anjou beef is the #1 beef found in fine restaurants in France. It is pre-dispositioned to fatten on grass unlike many breeds that have been bred to fatten on unnatural grain. Our cattle have never touched grain or had anything unnatural nor any hormones, they are 100% grass fed!

We harvest between 950-1200 lbs steers. You can buy a split quarter, half, or whole. A non-refundable $200 deposit is required on all purchases. The total cost of the beef (paid to us) and processing (paid to the processing facility) is about $4.70/pound hanging weight.

Our meat is processed under full-time state inspection and vacuum packed. You make your own selections on how your beef will be cut and packaged. The processor is located in Paris, Texas

For more information call the Greer Farm at 903-645-3232