Geocach: Hide and Seek

We try to do things on the farm that are fun for us and others. Geocaching is a great activity you can participate in anywhere in the world. It's an adult hide and seek game. The best way to learn about is to check out the link.

We selected a perfect spot for our first cach that is somewhat hard to find and you have to be in shape to get to it. To our surprise someone found it the first day it was out. Now others are checking it out.

Basically the rules are find it, record your name and any thing else on the notebook in the container, take waht is in it and leave something behind. Then log in and record your discovery.

Ours is in a plastic container hanging off a broken tree deep in the woods.

Se started out with his little guy in ours, but he was taken and replaced with.... oh i will let you find it and then you will know what he was replaced with.