Television News Features on Our Farm

We were pleased to be selected by ABC in Shreveport and CBS in Tyler to be focused on as a place to go for a break or to pick berries not so farm from home.

ABC News story on the farm

CBS News story on the farm (under comments)

The Bunkhouse: A Different Kind of Farm Stay Experience

Sometime in the middle 1800's when square nails were in common use two buildings were built on the farm. At some point, they were moved together. We have restored them into a cabin that has been used for our family. What we call the Bunkhouse, it now available to rent. Summer price for two, $80/night. Includes bread, jam, tea, coffee and farm fresh eggs.

The accommodation is simple. There is a fridge, microwave, kitchenette, shower/toilet, full bed and satellite service TV with DVD. It is clean and less expensive than a cabin. The bunkhouse is located next to the old barn near the farmhouse. It does not have a porch, but you have access to all of the farm, the lake, trails and gardens around the farmhouse. We do not charge for the sound of the roosters in the morning.

These are pictures of the Bunkhouse and surroundings.

Stocking Tilapia in Our Lake

We are trying to enhance the fishing experience for those that visit The Greer Farm. Our lake was professionally stocked in 2002, but since them we have let nature run its course. A few 5 to 8 pound bass have been caught, but more 1-3 pounds ones are more common. The catfish are huge and we have nice sun fish and bluegill. Crappie introduced themselves and are fun to catch.

A few weeks ago we added 110 pounds of Tilapia to the pond. These fish will spawn every 3 weeks when the water turns 80 degrees. The small fish will be great forage for the bass. In theory, the Tilapia will die off in the fall when the water reaches 60 degrees. We have been told that a few will survive and after a summer in our lake will be 2 feet long.

Our lake manager tells us we need to remove by fishing 100 pounds of bass 10 to 18 inches long and after that is accomplished keep every other bass that size. As for the other fish, we should catch and take out of the lake any that are caught.

Our fish came from Boatcycle in nearby Henderson and Eva picked them up in her Tahoe.

In July we will add 10,000 Threadfin Shad.

These pictures were taken when the Tilapia reached the lake.

Which Came First?

Can you answer this age old question?

I guess it really does not matter so long as we continue to have fresh eggs from free range hens at The Greer Farm.

This is a batch of washed eggs ready for the carton.

These hens have finished their day outside and are getting settled on their roost for the night.

Same baby (young lady now)... different kid

Kaya is growing up and the kids remain babies. Check out the January 2008 blog with similar pictures and link to one in April 2007.

The Greer Farm Featured in D Home Magazine

If you want to understand what it is like to get away from the city and visit our farm, read the article recently published in D Home Magazine.

Adventures at Greer Farm
After living everywhere from Madagascar to London, Eva and Sid Greer settled on 400 acres in the middle of nowhere. And they’d love for you to book a visit.

Don't Worry...Playing for Change

Playing for Change once again has a hit song to share, Don't Worry.

I like to follow that theme. You can not change one thing that happened yesterday, or even one second ago. All you can do is to focus on what comes next.

If you want to know more about Playing for Change check out this link to see how songs around the world were created and then check out the various songs on You Tube or at

Music has the power to bring us all together.

How Is Your Belly Fat? We Have A Solution: Greer Farm Blueberries

Science Daily reported in April that eating blueberries may reduce belly fat and reduce diabetes risk. This is great news for me. I suppose it also means I need to just eat the good berries we grow on our farm and not the cereal and milk that I normally have with them. In about a month we will have some nice fresh blueberries for you to test this theory out on.

Rain, Rain Come Again On Another Day

Enough is enough. I do not know how much rain we have had in the past month, but is it well over 15 inches and the 6-8 inches we had last Saturday/Sunday was a bit much. The lakes are over filled and water has been going over the spillways. If the weather will give us a break, we will re-work our garden that has taken a beating, Some seeds need to be re-sowed and transplant plants staked up. It is time to plant our forage paddocks at Rocky Branch too. The berry field is looking good and has not needed to be irrigated. Weeds and grass that need to be pulled or hoed in the onions and field tomatoes have taken a back seat to cleaning drainage ditches and repairing washouts under fences. I am sure i will grip in a month that it is too hot and too dry. Such is the life of a farmer and the weather.

There is no Swime Flu on Our Farm

We wash our hands often and don't do this...

Madison Speak

"It is one of my sources of happiness never to desire a knowledge of other people's business." - Dolley Madison

Death of a Small Town

Fault Lines had a recent program that featured a local town, Lone Star. It is just down the road from the farm.

When I was in high school the local steel mill had 7,000 employees and with associated industry created a total of about 12,000 jobs. Today the mill is closed and only a few workers remain keeping it in moth balls waiting for the recession to end.

I believe it will re-open and be bigger and better with more good jobs in time. The question is how much time and who will be left to take those jobs.

Tree Speak

"We can learn a lot from trees: they're always grounded but never stop reaching heavenward"
Everett Mamor