Opening soon

I need to run to Tyler on Tuesday to get some packaging to hold our fragile blackberries. All the blueberries require for picking and transportation is a cheap bucket and a plastic bag, respectively. Blackberries require more care. It is best to take them home in the container they are picked in. More and more blackberries are ripening every day. You pick them when they are plump and easily pull away from the plant. I ate some tonight with some Florida watermelon. Not the best watermelon, but it'll have to do until our own are ready. What the watermelon lacked in zing the blackberries more than made up for. Not quite as good as blueberries and watermelon, but pretty close.

We will open for pick your own business this week. I will send an email to the mailing list and we will be running some ads in area newspapers. We look forward to meeting our customers for the first time.