Eva's Jams and Sauces: So Good

There is nothing that Eva makes in her kitchen that is not delicious. This is especially true of her jams, sauces and condements. She makes an effort to use what we grow or is grown locally to make very interesting items. This is a list of what is currently available at the farm.

It helps that we raise some of the best blueberries than can be found anyplace. The kitchen is always a great place to hang out at our farm. If your are interested in any of these give us a call or email us.

8 oz. Jars $6
Blueberry syrup
Blueberry chocolate jam
Fig syrup
Habanero peach jam
Blueberry chipotle sauce 
Blueberry habanero
Chipotle sauce
Blueberry habanero jelly
Blueberry jalapeño jam
Blueberry peach jam
Blueberry thyme jam
Blueberry balsamic black pepper jam
Blueberry port jam
Blueberry lemon jam
Blueberry Jam
Smoked Chipotle peppers in adobo saucepan
Mayan habanero hot sauce
Texas chow-chow relish
Drunken fig jam 8 oz. $7
Pickled pears pint $9
Strawberry jams available late May