Fertilize a Meadow or a Fools's Errand

Every year we have our soil tested and add minerals and fertilizer as necessary to grow the very best grass we can for our animals. Our tests are don by Texas Plant & soil LAb in Edinburg. They conduct their tests very different that A&M and SFA. The state labs basically just measure mineral content and nitrogen. TP&SL actually conduct a test that extracts minerals in the soil in the same manner that a plant utilizes them. this gives you very different results. We also test for micro-nutrient content. As a result we distribute a very different blend. This year our blend included the traditional nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus and sulfur, but also magnesium, boron, copper, iron, manganese and zinc.

The only problem is that to fertilize our whole farm (grass growing areas) it cost about the same as buying a small pick-up, and you have to have moisture to make the fertilize work. Well this year things did not work out so well. We have had a total of 2 inches of rain since we fertilized and while our pastures look better than most of our neighbors, we did not get the bang for the buck we needed. We are having to buy our hay from a farm near Tulsa, Oklahoma.

IMG_2006 IMG_2028

Spreading fertilizer (money)


Gold laying on the ground

IMG_2020 IMG_1947

Cattle enjoying the last of the spring grasses.