Why Blog?

This week we have had several calls from a Dallas Morning News reporter doing a story on why farmer's would blog. She had a number of specific questions about our blog, Farmer's Don't Blog. Since the fast majority of our blogs in the past have been written by Karl, I had not given the subject much thought. To me, our blog is a window into our life, farm and things that interest us. Karl had some pretty diverse blogs that I really liked and they had nothing to do with farming. He especially liked nutritional topics. I think one of his best blogs was a simple poem he wrote and posted about drinking tea.

Some who read our blog live close enough to drive to the farm and see it in person. Others may be like Sunday afternoon "lookers" that drive slow down our lane and take it all in, but seldom stop. I know a lot of our readers live far away, some over the atlantic, and they can read our blog and share our life here with us without our ever knowing it except for the occasional email question or comment.

Now that the blog is my responsibility, I will continue to write about the tasks we have on the farm, the challenges and other interesting perspectives on life that I care to comment on or share. Being a not so silent "yellow dog democrat", I will try to not write about politics no matter how hard that will be. With a full day from early to late, I am not sure when I will blog, but I will try to do it as often as a fancy strikes me.

Through Farmer's Don't Blog our readers will continue to get a unique perspective on what it's like to live on a family farm in Texas. Most will never experience it in person, but they can hopefully learn to appreciate what goes into raising the food they eat in our blog. People that work in office or factories seldom see the final product they work on. For a farmer, it is very different. On this farm and ranch what we do is on display everyday. It is easy to see our successes and our failures. Through our blog you can get that same experience.