Cooking Class February 21: Cookin' Cajun for Mardi Gras

Chef Eva will take you on a culinary tour of south Louisiana in her class Cookin’ Cajun for Mardi Gras.

Having spent my college years in News Orleans, I have wonderful memories of the festive time of Mardi Gras.  This is also known as fat Tuesday and is the last day of feasting before fasting for Lent. I loved the carnival atmosphere, many parades, festive costumes and balls, and especially catching of coins and beads tossed off the floats.

Food and drink are paramount in celebrating Mardi Gras.  This cooking class will blend two great south Louisiana cuisines: Cajun and Creole.  These two types of cuisine are intertwined, yet different.  Creole food is more sophisticated reflecting the elegance of historic New Orleans.  Cajun food, on the other hand, is more country and has been handed down by the Acadians since the late 1700’s.  Both cuisines have their roots in the French, Spanish and Caribbean influence on coastal Louisiana with a robust taste and intense flavor.

The principal food of Mardi Gras is a Louisiana Gumbo using ingredients that were easy to obtain for country folks (sausage, seafood, chicken). King Cake, also known as Twelfth Night Cake, is traditional for the social conscious citizens of New Orleans.  The cake dates from the 1870’s and features a hidden token that represents the Christ child.  The finder is said to have good luck for the coming year and is obligated to host the next party.

Our class will start by making a Shrimp and Andouille Gumbo and the New Orleans King Cake.  After we get these started, we will focus our attention on a Spinach Salad Vermillion, Chicken Fricassee with Creole Rice and Artichoke & Crab Gratin.  There will be some hands on participation in this class.  When the menu is complete, we will retire to my 1850’s dining room and enjoy our meal. 

February 21 - 10:00 AM - $70