Storm Wipes Out Chicken House

Yesterday we were on high alert due to an approaching storm. As it approached around 4:00 PM the sky turned dark purple-black, the wind gusted and temperature dropped 20 degrees in minutes. By 4:30 PM it was as dark at 9:00 pm at night. Heavy rain and wind came, but not the 60-70 mph predicted. By night fall it was windy and rain, but nothing scary. We marveled how the meat chicken house had now go through two storms without any damage. After dark, the wind picked up and rain became more intense. This morning we found the chicken house in ruin and chickens all over the pasture.
We lost one chicken that was crushed. All of the others were caught and moved to the old barnyard. Harvest day is July 31, so they will stay there until they leave the farm.

Before the storm

The storm approaching


After the storm this morning