Been finishing up the perimeter fence at Rocky Branch. Soon we will have total exclusion of our nationwide nemesis... wild pigs. Or so we hope. After the boundary fences are up the next project will be a corral and a lane across the property. Then we'll get into some electric cross fencing and we can really start getting into rotational grazing. We had three inches of rain at RBGR last week and the pastures look completely different. Really nice and green. I think that our fertilization program over the last two drought years hasn't been for nothing. We may not have gotten much hay (no rain, no hay), but I think the minerals have helped improve the pasture. We have been using K-mag as our source of potassium. It is a naturally occurring mineral deposit that is also high in magnesium and sulfur. These last two are elements that are not in your typically NPK fertilizer program and I think that they have really been a benefit on our property.