Seedless watermelons, etc.

Fixed the fence. All new wire. 39" low tensile with 6 inch spacing. Tuf-Mac brand from McCoy's which is actually just repackaged Oklahoma Steel wire. I much prefer the Stay-Tite high tensile wire. It pulls much tighter and will stay tight. Couldn't pull this fence as tight as I'd like anyway because the brace was just set in concrete yesterday. Didn't want to wrench it out. Ideally I'd let it set for a week before pulling on it.

Planted the rest of the watermelons. I left one row unplanted because I decided at the last minute to order some seedless watermelon seeds. I'll have to start those in peat pots and transplant to the field. The seeds are expensive! Literally over 100 times more than regular watermelon seed. They look yummy though. Crunchy all the way through. I ordered three varieties from Park Seed: Lemon Ice, Everglades, and Orange Sunshine.

Also ordered some asparagus for the home garden. Jersey King, Jersey Giant, and Purple Passion. The Purple Passion is purple, but turns green when cooked.

Pruned the new blackberry canes to 42" per Dr. Clark at University of Arkansas. Sure looks short to me, but we'll see how it works. Maybe the lateral canes will form a bush above the main cane.

We fertilized the blueberries and blackberries last Friday just before it rained. Hard to say if they have greened up yet. The blues were definitely looking nitrogen deficient. Pale green leaves with tiny red dots. Used a bagged 13-13-13 on the blackberries. Made up my own blueberry blend of Ammonium Sulfate, Triple Superphosphate, and K-Mag. Worked out to 10.5-11.5-10.5. Put 1.25 oz on the new blueberries and 2.5 oz on the old ones. K-Mag is some nice stuff. It is a natural deposit mined near Carlsbad, New Mexico. 21% potassium, 11% magnesium, and 21% sulphur and very low in salt. All in the water soluble sulfate form that blueberries love. Read more at their site: We use K-Mag when we fertilize our pastures too.