Fun with electric net fence

Moved the weeder geese today. Unfortunately they aren't working out for the blueberries right now. When in a contained area with the plants they have an appetite for the new shoots. I think once the plants are bigger and the geese are unable to reach the new growth they will be more helpful. They're still nice to look at.

We moved the geese next to the goats so that we could attach their fence to the goat fence. This both gives them a larger area and allows us to use just one charger. This also places all our fruit trees in their paddock. No shoots to graze, so no problem. In fact, they'll probably really help to keep the grass down around the trees.

We had to move them several hundred feet, which was actually quite easy. Picked up their fence and then Javier and I just walked behind them, herding them in the direction we wanted. They moved easily. Much easier to maneuver than cows.

Below you can see the two different net fences in action. The 35" goat fence in the back and the 20" critter fence in the front. Be bought our fence from Premier.