Update: Spring Pastures from Fall Seeding

Last fall we planted 70 acres in rye grass, clover and vetch. The fall was very dry and the winter very cold, so not mauch happened until late February. In early March, we had a few rains and we fertilized 50 acres in hope that rain would continue. Well, it rained little, but enough to keep the planted forage going. As it turned out, this planted pasture “saved our bacon” this spring giving us just enough pasture to get the cattle off hay.

The three photos below are from the Rocky Branch Grass Ranch. The white clover is Ball and comes back annually fomr dropped seed. The red clover is Crimson and purple plant is hairy Vetch.

Our plan is to plant Cowboy Bermuda seed as soon as this forage is eaten off by the cattle.

IMG_0947 IMG_0948

At the home place 10 miles from rocky Branch the forages are covering up our grandson.



This is a group of calves was born October - December last year. They will be weaned later in the summer. They will do well on this forage and mom mama cow milk. These are part of our “salad bar” beef herd.