Just in Time... Hay from Colorado

We have been very carefully taking care not to run of of barn hay before more is available locally. With the severe drought, it has been unclear if small square bales would be available this summer. We use this hay to feed goats in the barn, the zebra when in stalls and in the corrall when we have a few cattle in for whatever reason.

We sold a bull and heifer to a rancher near Druango, Colorado and they were delivered last week. He raises and sales alfalfa hay for horses and had some in the barn not yet sold. We took advantage of the back haul and now have a supply that will get us through part of the summer if necessary.

The photos below are of our log barn build around 1850 or so. Stacked in the corner are some of the artificats of the early days on the farm. The big problem with this barn is you need to be no more than three feet tall to easily walk in the door. It makes bringing in hay a challenge.


This is very good quality horse hay. Sidney was there for unloading, but never moved a bale.