My Tractor Got Dirty

We have had quite a wet winter and feeding our cattle herd at Rocky Branch has been an effort. Our John Deere four wheel drive tractor has more than paid for itself this winter as we continue to feed seven large bales of hay every other day. This started in November. That is 8,400 pounds of hay at one time or in something easier to understand, it is the equivalent in weight of 840 five pound bags of flour every day. The cattle also get alfalfa hay daily as a supplement.

Our other John Deere tractor a the home place got sick and we had to bring the larger tractor home to push it up on a trailer to take it to the shop. As you might expect, it started the first time once in Mt Pleasant at the John Deer repair facility. We took advantage of having the tractor home and gave it a good bath before sending it back into the trenches for another two months of feeding.