Pruning, thinning, and filling in

Pruned the blackberries again today. They are growing fast. They've basically grown into three foot thick hedges. Amber remarked on how neat it was to walk between the rows. Kind of feels like a maze.

Also began thinning the watermelons. Need to have only one plant every six feet for optimum production. Or so I've been told. We dug up some of the extra plants and put them in spots where no plant had come up. My last planting did not do well so I'm going to replant later this week. The first planting is thriving. The plants are beginning to run. Should be flowers soon. And after flowers then little melons. And from little melons to big ones and on and on until that first ripe watermelon gets put in the fridge, chilled to crisp perfection, then cut open, passed around, and eaten in big hunks letting the juice drip all over your face. At least that's how I eat it. Not a bad way to end a hot day.