September Farm to Fork Cooking Classes

September Farm to Fork Cooking Classes
Three opportunities in September to visit the farm and participate in one of Chef Eva's very unique cooking classes. All classes start at 11:00 AM Registration online
Info 903-645-3232

September 6: Keeping Cool in Texas (An Oxymoron)
September 13: Breakfast Delights
September 27: The Art of Fermented Foods

Class details below

September 6
Keeping Cool in Texas (An Oxymoron) $80

August is the dog days of summer. It is hot as hell in every part of Texas with at least six weeks of hot days before the temps start to cool. You can beat the heat by preparing some savory dishes that are light, yet tasty. Really interesting is the combination of corn and coconut milk to make ice cream.

Peach lavender Aqua fresca
Heirloom tomato sandwich with basil pesto and fresh mozzarella
Balsamic roasted beet salad with Haute goat cheese (local cheese)
Green Gazpacho with shrimp and French bread croutons
Smoked salmon, avocado and sprouts spring roll
Coconut milk and fresh corn ice cream

September 13
Breakfast Delights $80

Our family has a tradition of preparing eggs benedict on Christmas morning. There is an art to this that you will acquire in this class and be able to impress your family when you prepare this unique dish. But why stop there when there are so many more interesting dishes that make breakfast a special meal.

Matcha latte
Homemade granola
Green onion and potato frittata
Mango berry banana smoothie
Scrambled eggs with prosciutto ham and spinach and Parmesan
The ultimate sticky buns
Eggs Benedict with hollandaise sauce

September 27
The Art of Fermented Foods $80

One of the new trends in healthy living is to include fermented foods in your diet. Many might turn up their noses at this, but fermented foods can be tasty. Each of these is unique on its own. Step out and learn what’s vogue in today’s food world.

Sauerkraut or kimchi
Polish sour cucumbers
Crème fraiche
Homemade buttermilk
Sourdough bread