Pasture Raised Pork

Last year we raised our first pastured pork. The meat was the best prok I have every tasted. This year we have a new set of pigs out on pasture. We sell our pigs by the half, a whole pig or frozen packaged individual cuts.

The most important thing to know about our pigs is that they have free access to pasture 24/7, fresh clean well water, a nice hog wallow to cool off in when the day gets hot and we free access to NON-SOY, NON-GMO feed. You will not be getting meat contaminate with grains that may not be healthy for you.

Our ad on Craigslist has more information.

These photos wer taken a month ago in our pig pasture. They are much bigger now.

These were our first pigs we raised.


The Ad...

We have Hampshire/Yorkshire cross Pasture raised pork for sale.

Our Pigs are naturally raised with NON GMO and NON SOY all natural feed. They are on pasture and woods from birth to harvest. No injections or antibiotics.

You can buy a half or whole pig. A non-refundable $150 deposit per half is required on all purchases. The total cost of the pork which includes basic processing and harvest is $6.00 per pound hanging weight. Smoking hams and bacon or other cuts is at your expense.

Our meat is processed under full-time state inspection and vacuum packed. You can make your own selections on how your pork will be cut. Bacon, sausage, ground pork, pork chops bone in/out, hams, spare ribs, etc

For more information call the Greer Farm at 903-645-3232