Broken Fence

Another dead pine tree fell on the fence by the berries. Same fence I repaired a month ago. Big pine trees die all the time. They get hit by lightning and go byebye. Then they just hang out and rot until they feel the need to crush a fence. I'm going to replace the end brace since it was never set very well and the tree pulled it part way out of the ground. Also will need to replace the wire. It's just too banged up to repair.

Also will be planting the rest of the melons this week. Hopefully by Thursday. Forecast for rain this weekend.

I've had some problems with blackberry canes falling over and breaking. I emailed Dr. John Clark from University of Arkansas and he said I need to top the canes at 35" or 42". Also said a two wire trellis would help, so I might be adding that to my list. Going to try just topping the canes first.