Armyworms bad

We were attacked recently by armyworms (spodoptera frugiperda so I can sound smart). The "worm" is actually a caterpillar. The moths they come from migrate each year from Central and South America. The worms can't survive even a mild winter. They usually appear in the fall, but on occasion have shown up earlier.

Armyworms can eat an entire pasture in a very short amount of time. Sometimes this seems to happen almost overnight. This is because it is the large older worms that cause the most damage. So you might have a field full of little armyworms and not even know it. But right under your nose they're getting bigger every day. I guess once they hit that critical mass it's byebye pasture hello ugly brown mess. I'll let the pictures do the talking.

There's not really much you can do about it. If you catch them in time you can kill them with some pesticides. Otherwise just relish in the early winter color of your field... or front lawn. That's right. They'll eat your pretty front lawn. Be wary. Be very wary.

The armyworm cometh!