What is Good About Day Light Savings Time?

Earlier than ever the clock sprung forward and those of you in the city can play ball later or get in a round of golf after work. For farmers, it just means we work a longer day. We get up in the near dark, then as there is so much wonderful day light we just do not stop until we drop in the near dark. About 8:00 pm we have finished dinner and can get ready for bed!. Gosh in a month or so we can work until almost 9:30 pm.

I suppose it should be logical to work 8 hours and stop, but that does not fit the mold if you farm. There is never enough hours in any day to get half of what needs to get done. A few days ago there was only one stretch of fence we had not rebuilt in our quest to be hog proof. Well you guessed it, they rooted under the fence and got into the goat paddock. The spring bottom is all nicely tilled as if we were going to plant there.

We dropped into emergency mode and knocked in a few t-posts to hold down the fence for a few days and instead focused on the two gaps we have on the house side of the road.... our driveways. We installed gates on each entrance that can be closed each night. this way the hogs running down the road looking for a place to do no good can just keep on running.

Today we got a small part of the fence rebuilt in the goat paddock, but need to set new braces, weld pipe, take down wire and re-stretch it, lay barb wire on the ground under the fence and basically start all over in this area.

It is never dull here.