Eating Healthy

The only time I was able to lose weight and keep it off was when I ate as a cave man did. Grass-fed meats, fresh fish, and fruits and vegetables that grow naturally and are not processed. I also cut out dairy products. I lost the weight I wanted felt great; then I got off that diet and gained back what I had lost and then some. I need to start it again after the holiday. I have no excuse not to do this.

The reason I was reminded of this is a recent article on primal eating. It is an excellent piece of information on how to eat healthy.

We are farmers and ranchers that sell grass-fed beef, fruit, vegetables and berries and hope to have grass-fed pork next year. What you buy from us is not processed food and is healthy for you. I really enjoy getting feed-back from our customers that say our blueberries are the best tasting they have ever had and someone this week said they had forgot what real beef tasted like.

It is months early to come to the farm and get fruit, berries and vegetables, and beef has to be pre-ordered. It is not too early to think about pre-ordering beef as it becomes available. Information is available on our website.

We have a number of split quarters not already sold. We are trying to reduce the cost by offering 1/8th of a quarter of split beef by matching those interested in this. This reduces the amount of beef you get to about 60-75 pounds and cuts your investment in good beef in half.